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Welcome to the 7th All Africa Games Comment Wall.

Date Posted: 1999-09-18 18:06:11
Posted by: tebello tamati
Reply To: n/a

As a volunteer, i can honestly say that these games are ultimately just a rip off...

We worked so hard (and yet some people are chawing the money so softly up there).

the games are definitiley going to leave a legacy of mysterious millionairing among some of those people....

Date Posted: 1999-09-18 12:52:13
Posted by: James Nyawera
Reply To:

Thank you for having the AAG on the internet.

Date Posted: 1999-09-18 10:02:11
Posted by: Willy Rotich Rotich
Reply To:

Thanks Mr. Webmaster for updating us. We have really enjoyed browsing the pages.

Thank you.

Date Posted: 1999-09-18 09:30:07
Posted by: Eckehardt Ficinus
Reply To:

Re: AAG Orginising committee.

Well done for bringing the AAG to South Africa and it is a success.We all know that some glitches have occurred but
things have worked out well.
Thanks to the WEBMASTER for bringing
the results on line as there are many international visitors to this site.
See you in Nigeria 2004.

Date Posted: 1999-09-18 09:19:19
Posted by: Eckehardt Ficinus
Reply To:

Re : Judo South Africa & entourage!

My concern for this sport & having observed some of the judo family entourage is the level of intimidation
of some of the South African supporters
towards the match officials during a contest.
It was, to say the least,embarressing but also to all our visiting judo athletes and officials.
To sum up, the type of culture that was on display is as follows:
1 litre brandy, 2 litre Coke, 3 litre
Ford and 4 litre woman.
With all due respect to the fairer sex and products, this is a digusting SA saying which one does not use in any sort of polite company but this might explain to an extent the level of mentality and shallowness some people display towards local & foreighn guests, athletes and officials.

Date Posted: 1999-09-18 08:53:13
Posted by: Ikeddy ISIGUZO
Reply To:

There were times it appeared that the Nigerian journalists were making too many demands on the AAGOC in terms of providing facilities for their work. We stopped when we thought were making a nusiance of ourselves. I have most recently been told that some of our South African colleagues benefited from the boldness of the Nigerians in seeking answers from officials. If our presence here helped the press in anyway, then we would have left our own legacy at these Games.
To Mr. Mthobi Tyazmashe and company, thanks for giving the Games a new meaning, and an entirely new life.

Date Posted: 1999-09-18 08:06:26
Posted by: Eckehardt Ficinus
Reply To:

Re: Webmaster

Where are the Judo results?

Mind you it is hardly you fault for not
being able to post the results.
Our Judo SA officials could not even orginise a piss-up in a brewery as the
competition event was a chaotic presentation and a fiasco from a management point of view.


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