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Date Posted: 1999-09-16 22:01:31
Posted by: Graeme Wilkinson
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Dispite the disappointment of being overlooked as a volunteer (eager to get my hands dirty to help make the best AAG ever) I will try to remain positive. This web-site is very good! It only lacks links to other great SA sites that could inspire other types of tourism and interaction between Africans.
The small steps that AAG is making towards a unified Africa are invaluable - and worth all the difficulties, delays, fatty meals, missing java-script on-line score boards, etc etc
For too long now, South Africa has been an island cut off from it"s homeland. Thanks to AAG for building the types of bridges which will last!!

Date Posted: 1999-09-16 18:31:56
Posted by: Todd Were
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I was wondering. My friends are participating athletes in the AAG. If they are actually living in the Athletes village that I see on this web page, then I doubt whether I shall see them again in any good shape. Can"t someone update the picture I see. I hope my friend(s) are not living in those incomplete halls.If they are... mmmmhh

Date Posted: 1999-09-16 15:34:49
Posted by: Ian
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Whooo-hoooo! Thanks for the medals table, webmaster :-) It is MUCH appreciated.

Date Posted: 1999-09-16 15:21:09
Posted by: WEBMASTER
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Looking for the Medals table?


Date Posted: 1999-09-16 10:14:55
Posted by: Rashid Farah
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I am really happy for all South Afrcans for hosting this events.I think this will bring not only the people of south africa , but the whole contenet in general.Good luck for the athelites.

Date Posted: 1999-09-15 22:48:50
Posted by: Jim Bynum
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I"m a wrestling coach and official from the United States. I am very interested in finding out whether anyone will be videotaping any of the AAG wrestling competition (especially the women"s on 9/18). If so, I"d be interested in purchasing a copy of the video.

Date Posted: 1999-09-15 21:43:30
Posted by: krysta heathcote
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as i was sitting in the crowds today at the athletics, i felt so prowd to be a south african! not because we were winning most of the medals, but because everyone in the stands were treating each other as if this country never had any problems in the and white and coloured all singing nkosi sikilele and the stem! this sounds corny but i never will leave this beautiful country of which i am so proud of, no matter what any other country thinks of us!

Date Posted: 1999-09-15 21:37:33
Posted by: Gotti Tsowaseb
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Hallo Everyone!

I would like to congratulate Frank on being able to win a medal after coming back from an injury. I hoped for more but bronze is also OK. Only people who know how these things work do understand. So don"t worry about criticism and other nasty comments that may come your way.

Hey what"s up with the NAmibian team. Can we win a medal in the 4x100. I am watchin everything on the internet. Stay cool and do well.

CU next year.

Date Posted: 1999-09-15 21:06:55
Posted by: Tawanda
Reply To:

Well done Alex Govere. Next time you will get all the medals! Zimbabwe loves you!


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