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Date Posted: 1999-09-18 02:36:00
Posted by: Yoseph
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Hands up for all Ethiopian athletes.
Go Ethiopia.
We are all proud of what you do.

Date Posted: 1999-09-18 01:27:10
Posted by: Isaac Hunter
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Many thanks for your very good Games
pages, especially the Scores and
Video pages. They were very easy to navigate; and, I found the RealVideos of the Athletics, Football, Gymnastics and other sports events to be quite enjoyable!

Thanks Mr. Webmaster!

Isaac From Southern California

Date Posted: 1999-09-18 00:51:05
Posted by: Mohammed Safi
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I thank all responsible for producing this page, and the brother South Africans for hosting the games, and i wish all competitors the best of luck..:O)
love from cairoooooo..7000 years of civilisation.

Date Posted: 1999-09-17 10:44:19
Posted by: Thokozani Kunene
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What if I want to buy some tracksuit what I need to do

The company that supplies the merchandise in Johannesburg only have a phone and fax number. Try to give them a call.

Date Posted: 1999-09-17 09:39:27
Posted by: Regina Amadi
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After searching for any news about the All Africa Games I was very delighted to find the address of your web page on the I canīt seem to open a score part of your web site. Please can anybody help me and mail me results of the 200m men sprint semifinals which is on today?
Thank you very much.

Use this link [Scores] to view the scoring page.

Date Posted: 1999-09-17 09:16:04
Posted by: Steyl Roux
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I think our (South African) sportsmen/women are world standard but our media (Always looking for the negative) is stil in the darkages.

Date Posted: 1999-09-17 07:34:41
Posted by: KYBURZ ERIK
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!!!!!!!!ALLEZ SEYCHELLOIS!!!!!!!!!

Date Posted: 1999-09-17 03:45:15
Posted by: Nathaniel B. Logan
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As a former Secretary General & former President of the Liberia Track and Field Federation, I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the organizers and participants to this all inportant event. My heart leap with joy whenever a major undertaking succeed in my mother land. Keep on the good work & God bless Mother Africa.


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